i'm not beautiful like you. i'm beautiful like me.
Ya Allah. If I am to fall in love, let me touch the heart of someone whose heart is attached to you.” Aameen

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Mar 30, 2012

movie preview: happy feet 2


Seriously guys, you have to watch this movie. Awesome~!!

Lame. Aku tahu. Cerita ni dah lama keluar kat cinema, tapi aku pulak baru terkial-kial nak tengok.  but hey..! Akhirnya aku tengok gak kan?? hohoho..

Carmen: Ramon.. I can't believe you did this!
Ramon: How could I not?
Carmen: But down here, we're doomed
Ramon:  A thousand lifetimes up there is nothing to this one exquisite moment by your side.
Carmen: why..??
Ramon: You are my world entire..
Carmen: You're beautiful..
Ramon: only on the outside..
blaa.. blaa.. blaaa..

Hahahahaha.. Tu antara dialog yg kelakar+romantik bagi aku. hikhik. Sumpah lawak!

Aku tak mahu ulas banyak-banyak. Just nak beritahu, jalan ceritanya bagus. Banyak lessons yg boleh diambil. Serious. Semestinya, korang akan having fun sungguh tengok cerita ni. Comel, touching, lawak, sedih, excited.. Semua pun ada! Sumpah paling comel tiap kali scene anak-anak penguin tu. hahaha!

Boadicea. Erik. Atticus

Siapa yg suka dance or singing, happy feet 2 ada lagu best untuk korang layann. Lagu faveret aku time mak Erik, Gloria nyanyi satu lagu nak tenteramkan anak dia.. Menarik lagu ni:

Bridge of Light by Pink

Just when you think
Hope is lost
And giving up
Is all you got,
Blue turns black,
Your confidence is cracked,
There seems no turning back from here

Sometimes there isn't an obvious explanation
Why the holiest hearts can feel the strongest palpitations

That's when you can build a bridge of light,
That's what turns the wrongs all right
That's when you can't give up the fight

That's when love turns nighttime into day,
That's when loneliness goes away,
That's why you gotta be strong tonight,
Only love can build us a bridge of light

When your feet are made of stone
You're convinced that you're all alone
Look at the stars instead of the dark
You'll find your heart shines like the sun

Let's not let our anger get us lost
And the need to be right comes at way too high a cost

Quotes for the day:

If you want it, you must will it! 
And if you will it, it will be yours!

Nice huh?? 

p/s: credit to cik Ya yg bagi movie ni kat aku.

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