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Apr 15, 2013

fairy tales princesses in real life!

Saleisha Stowers as Princess Tiana

The America's Next Top Model winner is uncanny in her resemblance to Princess Tiana..

Anne Hathaway as Princess Belle

Hathaway would be amazing in a role as Princess Belle. Same classic good looks.

“Twilight" Bryce Dallas as Princess Merida

Disney characters are unlike real people with small waists, big eyes, and hair that defies gravity. BUT Bryce Dallas is a dead ringer for Princess Merida in not only hair but costume too.. Amazing!

Megan Fox as Princess Esmeralda

Fox is fairer but don't you think everything else is a look-a-like? Come to think about it their feisty seductive personalities are similar too! Yeah, Esmeralda constantly attracts men with her flirtatious dances.. remember?!

Angelina Jolie as Princess Pocahontas

Full lips ..almond eyes ..dark flowing hair ..and most of all we don't think the explorer John Smith would have disapproved!

Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella

Maybe it's just the pose these two beauties are striking, two blond bombshells.

Kourtney Kardashian as Princess Jasmine

This is probably the only reference match as we know many people say Kim Kardashian, but Kim is too voluptuous, which Jasmine is not and Kourtney is more petite like Jasmine.. There!

Amanda Seyfried as Princess Rapunzel

Seyfried starred as Red Riding Hood in the film adaptation in 2011.. she does have a medieval look about her and could surely pass for Princess Rapunzel.

Emmy Rossum as Princess Belle II

Another doppelganger! Two sweet, girl next door beauties.

Katie Leung as Princess Mulan

There was a rumor that the 'Harry Potter' Scottish - Chinese actor was selected for a film adaptation of Mulan.. We haven't heard much more since, but think she'd be a great choice!

Katy Perry as Snow White

The porcelain skin, the bright red lips, and the jet black hair make her as dead ringer for Snow White. She might even add a little bit of spice to the role.

Blake Lively as Princess Ariel

Wow! Blake Lively's sea foam dress does look to be mermaid inspired.. both gorgeous ..both have ginger hair. Someone get Lively a crown!

p/s: menarik kan? entry yg saje-saje. enjoy!

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