i'm not beautiful like you. i'm beautiful like me.
Ya Allah. If I am to fall in love, let me touch the heart of someone whose heart is attached to you.” Aameen

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Jul 17, 2009


I have had a dream.
Although I might be abandoned, torn and poor.
Treasured deep in my heart like a diamond.

At times, some people have ridiculed me behind my back.
I withstood it I had to for that day.

Like I always worried, others say it too.
That a unreachable dream can become poison.
That life was like a book already written.
A past that cannot be turned back.

That's right, I have a dream.
I believe in that dream.
Just watch me.
Standing in front of fate's cold wall.
I can withstand it firmly.

One day, I will climb over the wall.
I will fly high into the sky.

This heavy world will not tie me down.
Be with me until the end, when we can all be joyful.
Share that day with me...
Share it with me...

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